Accented specialty lighting for that rustic look

  • Are you tired of the same old low-voltage lighting?
  • Authentic hurricane lanterns made for low voltage electricity
  • Vintage Coleman™ pressure lanterns made for low voltage electricity

  • The Beauty of horns....Featuring Longhorns with skull.

    All long horns are polished with a hanging wire and measured from tip to tip of horns. They will be shipped with horns detached from the skull for easy shipping. Easy to attach back to skull using a Phillips screw driver, hammer or hot glue gun for the rope and will come with instructions. A 8.25% Sales tax will apply to California Residents. Shipping charges will be a flat fee of $25.00, USA ONLY,
    These horns will look great anywhere you hang them, Indoors or out.
    We have plenty of horns available, please e-mail us for additional pictures.

    Item # 3726 4ft 5in, (new)

    Item # 3726side view

    Item # 7501 3ft, 7.5in (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 7501side view (SOLD)

    Item # 754, 4ft, 8in, (SOLD)

    Item # 754side view (SOLD)

    Item # 457 4ft 1in, (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 457side view (SOLD)

    Item # 745 3ft 7in (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 745side view (SOLD)

    Item # 348 5ft 2in (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 348side view (SOLD)

    Item # 646 4ft (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 646side view (SOLD)

    Item # 408 4ft 3in (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 408side view (SOLD)

    Item # 592 4ft 10in (SOLD)

    Item # 592side view (SOLD)

    Item # 549 4ft 10in (SOLD)

    Item # 549side view (SOLD)

    Item # 606 4ft 2in (new) (SOLD)

    Item # 606side view (SOLD)

    Item # 001 1ft 9in Ram Horns (SOLD)

    Item # 001side view (SOLD)

    Item # 002 2ft 1/2in (Ram Horns) (SOLD)

    Item # 002side view (SOLD)

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