Accented specialty lighting for that rustic look

  • Are you tired of the same old low-voltage lighting?
  • Authentic hurricane lanterns made for low voltage electricity
  • Vintage Coleman™ pressure lanterns made for low voltage electricity

  • Try Somethin' Different

    11 1/2" lantern

    12" lantern

    Flat Surface

    down light

    mining pan

    Dietz RR lantern

    Large Vintage Lanterns


    • accented specialty lighting for that rustic look.
    • great around horse property.
    • mountain cabins or log homes.
    • desert dwellings.
    • halloween props.
    • a must for the outdoor train garden just to add a touch more to that railroad atmosphere.
    • even goes well in a tropical decor.
    • lanterns are set up to be used with a 12 volt landscape lighting transformer with a timer. (not included)
    • can also be added to existing low voltage garden lighting.
    • all lanterns come with a 90 Day warranty against defective parts and workmanship, all lanterns come with a 12 watt light bulb and clear glass and your choice of (5) colors, railroad red, gloss green, flat rust brown, flat black or gloss black, (NOTE - Coleman lantern's available with clear glass and in green color only.)
    • bring that amusement park style lighting home.
    • ( click here) to view our 2 1/2 min (145 mb) video about Somethin' Different
    • digital flicker modules available.....

      for those who want true realism in a flamed effect we offer a digital flicker module that can be added to any lantern (except for the Coleman Lanterns) of your choice, highly recommended with Somethin' Different's™ rustic style permanent frosted glass globes with soot effect....
    • (click here) to see flickering lantern (2.5 MB)
      When replacing light bulb with a flicker module installed, please replace bulb with a 12 volt 12 watt # 93 bayonet base bulb. Bulbs replaced with a higher wattage will cause damage to the flicker module resulting in failure to the module. ( flicker modules rated at, input: 10 to 15 volts, AC/DC Output: 1 amp, 15 watts).
    • PLEASE NOTE: All lanterns are designed to be powered from a landscape lighting ( 12 volt ) transformer. Usage of any other power supply may void warranty. Although other 12 volt power supplies have been substituted beyond our control, Lanterns with flicker and or sound devices installed with usage of an ( ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER ) will damage or burn out these devices.

    • make your lanterns come alive with Somethin' Different Sound lanterns.

      all sound lanterns come equipped with a 2 1/2" speaker, mounted on the bottom of the lantern with a cover plate, an off/on switch is mounted on the lantern's back side at the base, and a digital sound card mounted inside the base of lantern, enclosed in a plastic case to help resist the elements of bad weather.

    * Night sounds
    * Cricket # 1
    * Cricket # 2
    * Cricket # 3
    * multiple frogs
    * single Frog
    * Chickens & Rooster
    * Cows
    * Horse Trotting
    * Turkey in the Straw
    * Doo-da
    * Mariachi Music
    * Blacksmith
    * Coleman™ lantern
    * Telegraph Key
    * Fire in the hole
    * Diesel Horn
    * steam whistle
    * Oh Susana!
    * Banjo
    * Loon
    * Evening Loons
    * Wolf
    * Wolf Pack
    * Creaking Wood
    * Cougar
    * Bear
    (click to hear sounds)(sound lanterns available in the 11-1/2" & 12" lanterns only.)

    lantern prices....
    • 11 1/2" lantern $27.95Temporary out of stock
    • 12" lantern - $32.00
    • Dietz RR lantern - $49.95
    • Flat Surface Lanterns - $50.00
      for basic clear glass lantern, Featuring Premium quality Dietz Little Wizard #1 Lanterns with extra wide base in our two tone color of black and brown. Wire hook up at back side of base. Please see picture gallery or visit our Face Book page for more pictures.
    • Down light lantern - $59.95
      comes with a 10 watt halogen bulb on the bottom and a frosted glass lens cover. The lanterns main glass globe will be clear unless ordered differently. Available on the 11&1/2" or the 12" lantern
    • Mining pan Rail Road Lantern. $79.95
      Lanterns are 13 inch and pans are 16 inch, comes in real rust finish with a protected cover spray. Lanterns have a Brass Label, of your choice. (union pacific RR, salt lake city) (Southern Pacific RR, Los Angeles) (Western Atlantic RR, CSA) (Central Pacific RR) also available PONY EXPRESS AND REMINGTON (for more pictures see gallery book, pages 24-26)
    • Reconditioned Coleman™ vintaged pressure lanterns - $125.00
      All coleman lanterns come with clear glass and in the color green only.
      (flicker modules are not available for the coleman lanterns)

    • Large vintage lanterns - $90.00
      for basic clear glass lantern. For clear glass with soot effect add $2.00, Rustic frosted glass with soot add $20.00. Our featured large vintage lanterns shown are Air Pilot # 2 Built solid and of high quality metal and proudly made in the USA. This style of lanterns were made between 1936 to 1952, But fits in any time period. stands 13 inches tall with a base of 7 & 1/2 inch in diameter. All of our large vintage lanterns come in our two tone color of brown and black except for our civil war/Calvary style #2 air pilot lanterns which come with a brass plated emblem of USA (solid gloss blue colored lantern) or CSA (in solid gloss black colored lantern). Other styles of large vintage lanterns may be available as well. Please check with us for availability stock. Please see the gallery of pictures and also our Face Book page for more pictures.

    options to customize your lanterns....
    • rustic frosted glass w/ soot effect instead of clear glass - add $10.00 ea.
    • sound modules - add $55.00 ea.
    • flickering light module - add $37.00 ea.
    • extra frosted glass w/ soot effect - $12.00 ea.
    • colored glass instead of clear glass - add $10.00 ea.
      available in dark red, light red or amber, (see gallery of pics)
    • hooded reflector - add $30.00 ea.
    • extra colored glass, add - $12.00
    • extra clear glass - $8.00 ea.
    • Large Replacement clear glass, $10.00
    • Large Replacement clear with soot $12.00
    • Large Replacement Rustic frosted glass with soot $20.00
    • USA or CSA brass plated emblems add $6.00

    to order....
    • please specify color and quantity wanted.
    • contact us so we may calculate your S&H costs, (7.5% sales tax will be added to all California residents.)
    • we accept money orders, cashiers or personal checks.
    • please allow 3 weeks for orders to be delivered, depending on stock availability.

    the Beauty of horns....

    Featuring Longhorns with skull.
    ( click here to visit our longhorn page )

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